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Why do I often use Klout and Kred?

There are many people who despise these two Social Media-Influence Tools and I think they’re wrong a lot. Their arguments are correct but they don’t know the true value that they can bring both Networks.

KloutThere is no doubt that both are tools of influence, which ultimately give you a number (Score) which supposedly tells you if you are more influential or less on networks. ‘Critics’ with influence tools, say that this number is not representative, that it could be distorted easily and that there are incomprehensible imbalances, and so that, these tools are completely useless. They are in the right way about the score part but I did not use only them by the final number (score) I reach, although I have it very high now. At first maybe the number ‘excites you’ a little. When you start and you have the score very very low because you haven’t connected all networks yet, because you haven’t ever logged in,… but in the end, you subtract importance to the score issue. Most of people don’t mind their score. This is very usual, not only to me.

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