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Tribute to Michele Smorgon ( @maxoz )

In our life we have human relationships. We meet with friends, we know new people in our job or by our friends,… Some people we know are special for us by some reason. Special people have some virtues than the rest of people don’t have. I must interact with all kind of people and I like too of course, but obviously I prefer interact with special people.

Special people give me energy, motivation, happiness and they almost always get the better of me. For all of this I need to meet special persons sometimes.

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Tribute to Gladys Pintado ( @gtpintado )

As my better skill is writing, I want to thank by this way to Gladys everything he has taught me in these few weeks, all she has given me and the lovely tweets has given me and continues giving me very often.

I’m a person who can be cheerful, witty, sometimes funny and that I can radiate positivity. But for all this things I need the support of other people: my girlfriend, my friends, my family, my workmates and also, why not?, people that I meet in Social Networks. Without the support of people, sometimes I can not get even my positivism, nor my cheerfulness and finally, I get discouraged a little.

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Tributo a Gladys Pintado ( @gtpintado )

Como a mí lo que se me da bien es escribir, quiero agradecer escribiendo a Gladys todo lo que me ha enseñado en estas pocas semanas, todo lo que me ha dado y los tuits encantadores que me ha brindado y me sigue brindando con mucha frecuencia.

Yo soy una persona que puede llegar a ser alegre, ocurrente, a veces graciosa y que puedo irradiar positivismo. Pero para todo esto necesito alimentarme de otras personas: de mi pareja, de mis amigos, de mi familia, de mis compañeros de trabajo y también, por qué no decirlo, de la gente que voy conociendo en Redes Sociales. Si no me puedo apoyar en las personas, a veces no puedo sacar ni mi positivismo, ni me alegría y me vengo un poco abajo.

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