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Politicians and big companies are frightened by Social Networks Boom

Although it were expected and many people and I have already announced it too isn’t less grate: Politicians and the elites of Spain are losing control over information (finally!), thanks to Social Networks.

In Spain we have moved for many years as a mass, as a ‘herd’. We believed everything that: mass media, on TV especially but also newspapers, that is to say all what politicians told us. Depends on newspaper what you could read you are leftist or rightist. There was no room for improvisation, room to change anything… and that’s the reason we have reached such a corruption degree.

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FOURSQUARE: “Geolocation involves knowing where do they are and where are they going”

Foursquare, the largest geolocation Social Network to date, hasn’t taken advantage of its dominant position and I think they do not know for sure who they are, where do they come from and where are they going. 

FoursquareI’ve been using  Foursquare for 4 years. This fact allows me to speak with some legitimacy on Foursquare topic. This I will discuss is my opinion and I could be wrong, but I wanted to show my current impression about this platform.

I have no doubt that geolocation has a privileged site on Social Networks and they will still have it in the future, I think even more than now. Nor do I doubt that the #Foursquare mobile app, I don’t know if it was the first, certainly would not be the only one, but I believe that was the strongest on beginning with geolocation and it was the more extended too. Today I think that continues to be the most known.

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About Proseplan, Innovation, Caspe, Agriculture and Ebro river

White peach MELOX 37VIVEROS PROSEPLAN is a company dedicated to the development of new fruit varieties: peaches, nectarines, Saturn peaches and Saturn peach nectarines.

I come from a small town of Huesca region: Albalate de Cinca. The Cinca river bank; place that the Arabians didn’t choose to settle by chance, has very fertile lands, watered by the main tributary of the Ebro: Cinca River and its tributaries. Moreover, it is an area with very good weather. Adding all of this, makes it very suitable place for making cultivates of fruit trees.
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Andrea Guasch – How I become a fan of (@andreaguasch)

Andrea GuaschAndrea Guasch is one of the actresses, as well as a singer and dancer, with better future that Spain has. She’s become famous by the Musical “HOY NO ME PUEDO LEVANTAR” mainly.

I’ve always been a bit misunderstood in general but I’ve already got some time ago don’t worry about people could think. Regarding the show issues: I prefer cinema, theatre and music from some years ago than performed nowadays. I think these three arts have lost some of that magic they had. Regarding to Social Networks in Spain, few people have come to understand how I like to deal with Networks, as I explained on my post:  Why do I hardly ever tweet in Spain?

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Why do I hardly ever tweet in Spain?

I was tweeting in Spain, in Spanish, for 4 years. At the beginning of 2013 I began to move away from Spain and I continue tweeting abroad yet. Tweeting with Spanish people brought me quite little to my Networks profit.

Without taking into account Spanish FRIENDS, I’m still being in contact with them and most of them I have met in person, the rest of Spanish tweeters has given me very few spoken relatively, much less if we consider the long period of 4 years. In Spain people provide a little support, almost never they share knowledge. Very few people offer help and all of this is very shocking because Spaniards are completely the opposite in other things. Professionals: because they are afraid you take their work out, ‘famous ones’ because they are on a pedestal and they do not want to stoop to our level and our peers, because there is not a true collaborationist.

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Why do I often use Klout and Kred?

There are many people who despise these two Social Media-Influence Tools and I think they’re wrong a lot. Their arguments are correct but they don’t know the true value that they can bring both Networks.

KloutThere is no doubt that both are tools of influence, which ultimately give you a number (Score) which supposedly tells you if you are more influential or less on networks. ‘Critics’ with influence tools, say that this number is not representative, that it could be distorted easily and that there are incomprehensible imbalances, and so that, these tools are completely useless. They are in the right way about the score part but I did not use only them by the final number (score) I reach, although I have it very high now. At first maybe the number ‘excites you’ a little. When you start and you have the score very very low because you haven’t connected all networks yet, because you haven’t ever logged in,… but in the end, you subtract importance to the score issue. Most of people don’t mind their score. This is very usual, not only to me.

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Why is most influential in Social Networks Lori Ruff (@Loriruff) than Lady Gaga?

Fuente: en.wikipedia.orgThe other day with some friends not literate in Social Networking, came out this issue and it took me a long time to make them understand. For someone who knows Social Networks, understands it is very easy, but someone who does not understand networking is very complicated. Moreover, I was talking with an engineer friend who is going to start a business, I wasn’t talking to someone who does not understand anything.

In Social Networking is so important to do things well such as knowing how to explain the rest. From the most experienced people until the least Internet known people; in fact many potential customers could be there. I have read a lot about Social Networks: expert articles, people who dominate the field, but I’ve read very little focused for ordinary people, so that everybody could understand.

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Tribute to Michele Smorgon ( @maxoz )

In our life we have human relationships. We meet with friends, we know new people in our job or by our friends,… Some people we know are special for us by some reason. Special people have some virtues than the rest of people don’t have. I must interact with all kind of people and I like too of course, but obviously I prefer interact with special people.

Special people give me energy, motivation, happiness and they almost always get the better of me. For all of this I need to meet special persons sometimes.

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Tributo a Gladys Pintado ( @gtpintado )

Como a mí lo que se me da bien es escribir, quiero agradecer escribiendo a Gladys todo lo que me ha enseñado en estas pocas semanas, todo lo que me ha dado y los tuits encantadores que me ha brindado y me sigue brindando con mucha frecuencia.

Yo soy una persona que puede llegar a ser alegre, ocurrente, a veces graciosa y que puedo irradiar positivismo. Pero para todo esto necesito alimentarme de otras personas: de mi pareja, de mis amigos, de mi familia, de mis compañeros de trabajo y también, por qué no decirlo, de la gente que voy conociendo en Redes Sociales. Si no me puedo apoyar en las personas, a veces no puedo sacar ni mi positivismo, ni me alegría y me vengo un poco abajo.

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