Politicians and big companies are frightened by Social Networks Boom

Although it were expected and many people and I have already announced it too isn’t less grate: Politicians and the elites of Spain are losing control over information (finally!), thanks to Social Networks.

In Spain we have moved for many years as a mass, as a ‘herd’. We believed everything that: mass media, on TV especially but also newspapers, that is to say all what politicians told us. Depends on newspaper what you could read you are leftist or rightist. There was no room for improvisation, room to change anything… and that’s the reason we have reached such a corruption degree.

Now suddenly, as if we had awakened from a slumber, we realize that the power of the ruling classes, corporations and many wealthy people, have been making very much abuses with our money. ‘Poor people’ are much poorer now and rich ones are even wealthier.


Fortunately something is changing; does not mean it’s for the better, we’ll see, but politicians of the major parties and all their ‘friends’ have met with a very big stone in the middle of the road: “Social Networks”

“Social networks have completely democratized information ahead of all people and right now a good portion of people can choose.”

Information; depending on its sources, can be even worse or much more skewed, but it’s up to everyone, not from elites. Today news are flowing through the networks long before the newspapers, television and of course, long before politicians can realize and react in time. Long before they can mitigate or mask the information. All this shouldn’t be bad. If newspapers and televisions were completely unbiased and political class were honest then it would be worse with sure, but it is not our situation.

Now all rules are changing, everything is in continuous movement and changing. Big political parties are completely overcome and ‘horrified’.

Many politicians and many companies have despised Social Networks; have not been given the importance they would deserve. Many are being late. Other ones, who had already come, not utilized them properly. Other ones, who utilized them properly, have failed to adapt. In short, Social Networks ‘have won this battle’ and they have‘passed over’ for many.


Today, many people do not read newspapers; even digital ones, nor see TV news, some of them even don’t hear radio. I’m not saying that it were right but it is true. In fact, I hear daily several radio and TV information programmes and I recommend doing the same. On the other side, many people use everyday Facebook, Twitter, Google+… They receive daily news (or gags) from Networks or instant message apps, which have become Social Networks too. In summarize, many people do receive daily info by one and only channel: Internet. Apart from this I would like to remark that some years ago quite people visited more sites freely, looking content by search engines by their own, reading digital newspapers, they were present in separate chats, forums. Now almost everyone search all of this on Social Networks.

“Companies, political parties or important enterprises who can not handle well and fast on Social Networks, have an expiration date”

A few years ago Social Media experts told me that companies weren’t on Social Media it meant ‘as if ‘it were not in general’. Right now many companies ‘aren’t on Networks’. When I talk about ‘being on Networks’ regarding to companies, authorities, politicians, organizations, … I do not mean they had profiles with nice bright colours and being followed by a big amount of fans: they acolytes, just for complacency and for being told they are very good. With the sentence: ‘not being on Networks’ I want to mean they don’t’ use Networks properly or alternatively, they aren’t being advised by professionals:

  • Do not know interact actively with their existing ‘customers’ for maintaining their loyalty.
  • Do not know interact with your target audience, to understand them and to get your proposed message arrived to them, or at least for maintaining their brand insight Networks.
  • Do not know interact with your potential audience to reach someday capture their attention or at least to try it.

To this commented boom are only reacting some radio and few television channels in Spain. Some organizations, some bodies like Spanish Police and a bit of newspapers. I any case, I believe that here in Spain, in general, we have some delay in networks use comparing to us with other countries.


There are very good professionals on Spain Social Networking that they are not appreciated nor listened.

In summary, I recommend all generally start taking Social Media seriously, do the right things for themselves, or if not, hire professionals. Not even a good professional is most adequate in all subjects: communication, loyalty, interaction, marketing, search engine positioning, reputation management,… but they should start with something, for one professional for instance: it would be a good start.


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