Andrea Guasch – How I become a fan of (@andreaguasch)

Andrea GuaschAndrea Guasch is one of the actresses, as well as a singer and dancer, with better future that Spain has. She’s become famous by the Musical “HOY NO ME PUEDO LEVANTAR” mainly.

I’ve always been a bit misunderstood in general but I’ve already got some time ago don’t worry about people could think. Regarding the show issues: I prefer cinema, theatre and music from some years ago than performed nowadays. I think these three arts have lost some of that magic they had. Regarding to Social Networks in Spain, few people have come to understand how I like to deal with Networks, as I explained on my post:  Why do I hardly ever tweet in Spain?

If the only thing people didn’t understand about me was my way of tweeting; it was an anecdote, but also people do not understand my personality. The last thing is much more worrying to me, as I explained on my post: Tribute to Gladys Pintado (@gtpintado)

I haven’t been a fan of someone: singer, actress,… for many years. It is something that perhaps seems more suited to teenagers or people younger than me maybe, but the fact is: I have become a fan of Andrea Guasch and I’m happy about it.

Had not previously heard of her until I saw her perform last November the 9th in the musical HNMPL, just a day before my mother entered at hospital (for third time during 2013). A little uneasy with the head in another part because of the surgery (very simple) of my mother, I went to Madrid with my girlfriend and a good friend. Between three of us I was who had less expectations and illusion about the musical performance, I only was interested on seeing to sing live to Daniel Digés (admired singer with very great voice) and little else to add. But finally I saw the musical, I enjoyed it a lot and love it. I liked everything about, but mainly I saw her and I got bewitched by her way of: acting, dancing, singing and her beauty, charm and ‘magic’ obviously.

There are many beautiful women around the world, famous or not, but women beauty without something added haven’t any sense to me. Speaking about Andrea: Camera, Lights and Theatre love her, she has her own bright. She owns a special ‘magic’, a natural charm and a wonderful look at scene only reserved to the great artists.

I saw her acting again on March the 8th, during a surprise breakaway trip to Madrid ‘managed’ with the same friend. The lay-motive of this second time was celebrating the birthday of our girlfriends (both aged on March). The surprise loved both of them (even we made shirts of #HNMPL). It was a magical and unforgettable weekend. That second performance I was completely bewitched and besotted with Andrea. When she was on stage, I was only looking at her, I was already a fan hehe.

What I have in common with her? …Nothing.  Ah well yes, both born in Barcelona, but I moved away when I was 3 months. Both understand something of Catalan language. She can speak it very well, I understand it… something. Otherwise, we are from different generations: She is 15 years younger than me. When I sang the most popular songs of Mecano (HOY NO ME PUEDO LEVANTAR Musical is based in this well-known 80’s Spanish pop music group), she was not born yet. When I was really moved, close to tears, listening the Mecano song: << “Eungenio” Salvador Dali >> she ‘cried’ being a newborn.

During this period, as I am very active on networks, I have been doing to her: mentions, retweets, I shared several of her own contents or other ones in which she appeared,… I have made several praises, some compliments hehe, in summarize, I have been myself with her. Always with the only purpose to show my admiration, help and make it up as far as possible her on networks. Sometimes a little insistent, it’s true. Instead, I made very good comments and references to other actors of the same Musical. I’ve also done some other ones to other different famous people, some mentions very good, trustful and witty, all made with heart and nobody has answered me, she only did it. When she could do it, by the way her role and Twitter account allowed her to do it, she has always tried to answer or sent me some signal of ‘received’, I will always be very grateful to her by this fact. Something insistent at times (sorry Andrea), but I must admit that when I enter in the “Highlighted Tweets” section of @andreaguasch and appear several mine ones, it gets me a great satisfaction.

I think that speaking in general, she and musical networks responsible should improve their Social Networks activity. I tried to help a bit to Andrea everything I could. I’d like to help her more but without his agreement or her feedback I cannot go further. The little connection we have had on Networks (the Musical), is finishing on June: I can no longer see her acting again on it, sniff. It maybe I could not see her perform any more again in my life, but Andrea will always remain in my memory as the: “Sweet MARIA who was waiter in the 33 pub”

Thanks Andrea! Many successes and luck in life!

Edited 7th of May:
I did a Slideshare presentation about this post to understand it better. Click here to see it.
Andrea ENG


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