Why do I hardly ever tweet in Spain?

I was tweeting in Spain, in Spanish, for 4 years. At the beginning of 2013 I began to move away from Spain and I continue tweeting abroad yet. Tweeting with Spanish people brought me quite little to my Networks profit.

Without taking into account Spanish FRIENDS, I’m still being in contact with them and most of them I have met in person, the rest of Spanish tweeters has given me very few spoken relatively, much less if we consider the long period of 4 years. In Spain people provide a little support, almost never they share knowledge. Very few people offer help and all of this is very shocking because Spaniards are completely the opposite in other things. Professionals: because they are afraid you take their work out, ‘famous ones’ because they are on a pedestal and they do not want to stoop to our level and our peers, because there is not a true collaborationist.

Whenever someone asks me for help I give it to them. Why?

  • First: Because it’s my personality,  I love helping others, it makes me feel well.
  • Second: Because I am interested about the Spanish Networkers average knows the maximum as possible, it would mean that there are more users and we shouldn’t forget the most important, more networks advanced users and all of this will result in a bigger Spanish Culture of  Social Networking that, sadly, doesn’t exist today, in my opinion.
  • Third: Because of Professionals and ‘gurus’ of Networking don’t realize that until this culture don’t grew in Spain: people, users, professionals of all sectors and therefore the COMPANIES where all these people work, never will understand Social Networks, they never used them properly and of course, companies won’t invest the minimum on  them or even worse nothing. In addition, there are many people who call himself ‘professional’ of Networks ( some ‘Community Managers’ ) that are far from reach it. They make: a website, a blog, a Twitter profile , a Facebook page for a company, without providing all that coherence and meaning, and companies ‘pay for nothing’. If companies don’t learn the culture and are committed with Social Networks, they won’t ever know the difference between useful and useless, it will be the decadence of the good professionals on networks and so that, our companies will lose competitiveness on foreign markets regarding to internet.
  • Fourth: The ‘technology’ of Network is always changing as computers, phones, etc. What today could be transmitted to anyone is obsolete in a month, 2 at most, and much more if the person in question hasn’t good predisposition to learn and to ‘apprehend’ himself. But for beginners need a little push that you give here and here in Spain, unfortunately, a few people want to do it. I have helped some people to lose their fear about networks, some have engaged in them, others have fallen, but we cannot let anybody is left out for lack of support.
  • Fifth: We’re going to suppose I was the  most wise person on Networks of Spain. What would be my value if all Networkers didn’t have a minimum knowledge about networks to assess my skills? Van Gogh died without being recognized.


Out of Spain, I have found a different culture. Companies are positioned and watching continuously all regarding internet. Spend money on Networks, it is showed continuously. People understand networks better. Many people have offered help me without I asked for it , people who have: 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 followers. People that are among the best professionals in the world and they barely have time for anything. All selflessly. In Spain are far of abroad user-level and company-level on Networks and it’s a shame.

I would have preferred not to write this post but unfortunately I see clearly it and is what I feel. It is time that everyone in Spain put us up and not lose this train too, we have already lost too many of them.

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