Why do I often use Klout and Kred?

There are many people who despise these two Social Media-Influence Tools and I think they’re wrong a lot. Their arguments are correct but they don’t know the true value that they can bring both Networks.

KloutThere is no doubt that both are tools of influence, which ultimately give you a number (Score) which supposedly tells you if you are more influential or less on networks. ‘Critics’ with influence tools, say that this number is not representative, that it could be distorted easily and that there are incomprehensible imbalances, and so that, these tools are completely useless. They are in the right way about the score part but I did not use only them by the final number (score) I reach, although I have it very high now. At first maybe the number ‘excites you’ a little. When you start and you have the score very very low because you haven’t connected all networks yet, because you haven’t ever logged in,… but in the end, you subtract importance to the score issue. Most of people don’t mind their score. This is very usual, not only to me.

The score, the number, taken in absolute way, is not significant but it is an indicator more, as other ones. One person who has 20,000 followers on Twitter should not be mandatorily more influential than one that has 5,000. It would have to be analysed everything as a whole: Number of Tweets, your ‘Tweets value’, networking presence, influence of his followers,… Klout or Kred could guide you on this way, especially in case of much higher scores and lower ones. Intermediate ones are more difficult to tune up or down, there are many more discrepancies in these cases.

Many people mocked me or belittled me to use these tools so often. Each person can think what he wants but these tools have helped me a lot. In the end, the daily time spend on them is very small and what you received on interactions with others, has a great value to me.

– They are an incredible interaction tool.

KredYou cannot say to 15 people daily: “Hello, how are you?, have a nice day.” It would be  inappropriate. But if you send a + Kred to 15 people a day (in two minutes), you have already had a detail with these people, people that could be changed when you want. People will treat you the detail or not, will thank you or not, but there it is. On Twitter, for example, for those two minutes you spend on sending 15 +Kred, you receive favourites, RTs, acknowledgements, references, etc.. And the most important thing, the Kred receptors remember you, they know you better and they have you on his mind to the future. Many people are not focused on that and it is most important to create loops in networks (networks knitting as I say). Why do you need to have 1,000 followers if you don’t interact with more than 20?

– They are a good pretext to start a conversation.

For example: There are people that you haven’t talked for a long time and it’s difficult to start again; you don’t know how begin. You send him a +K for example, he probably will answer you and conversation is easier.

– They can be used to promote other people, their activities or their virtues.

You can not say: “John is very good at computers” directly, not aesthetic. But you could tweet: “I gave John a + K on computers” and sweeten this a little. By this way, you can make mentions, with items totally related to these persons and with links related to these topics: Is there a better manner of promote people?  This draws attention more than what people think. I also have misunderstood by my way of sweeten: a little peculiar, but sincere and without more intention than help and get people happy.

– You can get new followers or find interesting people to follow.

This is obvious, they are networks after all.

– In seconds you can find out networks presence of a networker.

There are other possibilities, but this is a quick one and easy too.

In summarize, I don’t recommend or the opposite that people use Klout and Kred. The time of each person is limited and how to manage it on networks is a personal decision. I just wanted to explain that if people consider these networks only as a number, they are missing a lot.


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