Why is most influential in Social Networks Lori Ruff (@Loriruff) than Lady Gaga?

Fuente: en.wikipedia.orgThe other day with some friends not literate in Social Networking, came out this issue and it took me a long time to make them understand. For someone who knows Social Networks, understands it is very easy, but someone who does not understand networking is very complicated. Moreover, I was talking with an engineer friend who is going to start a business, I wasn’t talking to someone who does not understand anything.

In Social Networking is so important to do things well such as knowing how to explain the rest. From the most experienced people until the least Internet known people; in fact many potential customers could be there. I have read a lot about Social Networks: expert articles, people who dominate the field, but I’ve read very little focused for ordinary people, so that everybody could understand.

The first thing they said to me was that Lady Gaga was more influential because she had 39,000,000 followers and instead Lori Ruff had only 100,000. I told them that Lady Gaga was not influential because of Social Networks that she already was influential in the world and that leveraged Social Media to promote themselves, nothing more. I told them to follow her offered nothing more than publicity, pictures that you can see on either side and little else. People who don’t know, just associate the social media influence to the number of followers, 100 is better than 50, they think, and you tell them are wrong and they ask why? Those who are familiar, we know the difference between active and non-active followers. Between a real user and a SPAM user. Between an influential follower and a follower with very little influence. Between a follower who generates content and a follower that does nothing more that have hit the FOLLOW button one day. We also know that you can buy followers, but it’s hard to explain all of this to someone who does not understand.

Without getting technical because this post is for everyone could understand, I will say that there are several differences easy of understanding:

  • The number of Tweets: Lori has 21,400 and Lady Gaga has 2,600. A person who has many followers and so little content, is not followed by her contents, is followed only by her fame.
  • The number of follow-backs: Lori follows-back to 99,000 followers and Lady Gaga follows-back 135,000. Lori takes care what her followers say, their contents; Lady Gaga at all.
  • The number of mentions: Lady Gaga makes a mention of a follower or someone once each twenty tweets, in the best cases. Not interact with practically nobody. This shows that she doesn’t mind her followers. All your tweets are photos or publishing, you could see them anywhere. Lori makes a mention in an 80/90% of the tweets, so that, she is interested on interact, share, mention,… with her followers.
  • Who is behind the account?: Finally, it is quite possible that Lady Gaga doesn’t manage herself her own account, so you could talk to someone unknown, that probably will not answer you and of course, won’t mention you, as I’ve already said. Lori manages herself her account.

I have it very clear that staying with Lori Ruff (@loriruff)


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