Tribute to Michele Smorgon ( @maxoz )

In our life we have human relationships. We meet with friends, we know new people in our job or by our friends,… Some people we know are special for us by some reason. Special people have some virtues than the rest of people don’t have. I must interact with all kind of people and I like too of course, but obviously I prefer interact with special people.

Special people give me energy, motivation, happiness and they almost always get the better of me. For all of this I need to meet special persons sometimes.

In Social Networks is not much different like real life. We follow and be followed by many people, we interact with lots of people, we learn, we give and we receive. Social Networks are good for virtual human relationships. In this Networks we sometimes find some special persons too. I like to interact with all kind of people in Social Networks too, but I prefer to interact with special ones obviously. Special people in Social Networks give me energy, motivation, happiness and get my better not as in real life but in an important degree.

As I already said in my post “Tribute to Gladys Pintado ( @gtpintado )” at the beginning of the year, my Twitter TL was nearly died, without interacting, without sharing, no mentions, no RTs,… Despite of 800 followers I had. Finally, I occasionally entered Twitter. Fortunately I knew some people like Gladys that helped me to recover my Twitter activity and between her and other foreign people I’ve been knowing, nowadays my activity is very high again.

Yesterday, I knew another one special person called Michele Smorgon. I detected immediately she was special and moreover, Gladys introduced me to her because she knew her quite well. Michele has had more details with me and more samples of kindness and grateful in two days that 1.100 of my 1.400 Twitter followers ever.

I’m very grateful and so that I needed to show Michele my gratitude and the best way of grating I have is writing. She’s a good person: very influential but humble, very intelligent but close, very interesting, kind and grateful. I’m a very lucky man by finding her in this wide ocean of people that are Social Networks.

Thank you very much Michele for all. Very honoured and grateful to you. I expect to continue sharing and talking with you, as possible, because I know you’re a very busy woman.

Finally, I would like to recommend you her web site, very interesting:
Your online success is our passion


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