Tribute to Gladys Pintado ( @gtpintado )

As my better skill is writing, I want to thank by this way to Gladys everything he has taught me in these few weeks, all she has given me and the lovely tweets has given me and continues giving me very often.

I’m a person who can be cheerful, witty, sometimes funny and that I can radiate positivity. But for all this things I need the support of other people: my girlfriend, my friends, my family, my workmates and also, why not?, people that I meet in Social Networks. Without the support of people, sometimes I can not get even my positivism, nor my cheerfulness and finally, I get discouraged a little.

Some people have the power or the ability to get my best and I have found some people like this on Twitter  also. Apart from this, in Twitter I publish content, I do content search and share them, but ultimately I seek primarily interact with other people and why not to say it, sometimes I need it, because writing is how I feel most comfortable and where I get my best.

All the people I’ve known for a while on Twitter and have got my best, all of them have your obligations, your family, your hobbies,… and progressively, I have been losing the opportunity to interact with them all that I would have liked. All this has occurred in the past few months and finally I could interact with them almost never. At the end, the result was that in a very few times I used Twitter.

I acknowledge that I empathize with women much more quickly than men and this is due to several reasons. I had no father, I raised with my mother  and my grandmother. At University I was at a Boarding School in which most of people were women. Furthermore, most of the female friends I had, I have been losing contact slowly. I recognize that sometimes a need some ‘female conversation’ on Twitter, which I can’t find now in the real life. But for the record that I have girlfriend, I’m just looking for to talk, trying to help others, encouraging people and also cheer and interact. All of this makes the lives of others a little more enjoyable and mine too. I love complimenting; women more logically, but without any intention more than encourage. In fact, when I call ‘beautiful’ a woman, I mean she is beautiful inside. When I send a kiss, it’s just a token of appreciation, affection, nothing else. When I do an #FF flatterer (I’m a specialist) to several of my female and male followers, I seek no more than highlight their strengths and encourage them, nothing more.

Gladys Pintado is an Uruguayan woman who has restored my enthusiasm for Twitter.She’s very prepared. She dominates many fields and has a flurry of activity on Twitter. Even so, always take time to make a friendly tweet often sweetful. Always take time to thank a good gesture or reply to a cheerful tweet, always is present when you wait for her. She’s lovely, friendly, sympathetic, grateful and very close. Of ll my followers of high level, I have never known a woman smiling, attentive and appreciative. All my senior followers ever answer and it  is harder to tweet and interact with them, of course. Even with the followers of my level, it is difficult to interact with them most of the time. Everyone has their circles, his claims, his friends, his interests, … Gladys does not, she always answers, always available. For me that #feedback is essential and I love it. Quite a few times I need feedback. If people doesn’t answer me the conversation is unfinished.

Who was going to say that a woman who lives many miles away from me was going to provide me so much good things? Gladys many thanks for everything!

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